Picture This

What happens when the Princess saves herself?

Picture ThisWhat happens when you learn your boyfriend is cheating on you, your boss is a misogynistic pig, your mother is, well, your mother and your out-of-your-league high school crush just moved into your apartment building?

For self doubting Amy Westin, who has let her mother and countless others choose her career, her standing in high school and every boyfriend she’s ever had, it means a radical change. The questions she faces are; does high school really determine the rest of your life or can you change the course you’re on? Do other people really know you best? Is love truly blind, or will it allow you to see clearly for the first time?

With the hel
p of her best friend Maggie, her eccentric landlord Mrs. Schifman and Jake, the guy she never thought she had a chance with, Amy is determined to find out. Along the way she’ll have to stand up to her boss and her overbearing mom, ditch the philandering boyfriend, become her own woman, make new friends and maybe even find the love of her life.