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Wonderful things are happening in the production world! Money is starting to roll in for all the productions. Comic Con was a huge success.  Actors have been attached to all of the films, pitch packets are out on all of the and ready to make some movies!

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Every artistic vision needs a team and I hold myself and the people with whom I work to these standards.

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Director: Oliver Schmitz (Paris je t'aimeMapantsulaHijack StoriesLife Above All)
Writer: Don Thompson (Tibet Does Not Exist, Clouds)
$5 mil USD
Genre: Suspense Drama
Interested Actors: Nathaniel Parker (Flawless, Far From the Madding Crowd), John Cleese (Harry Potter, Day the Earth Stood Still), Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually) Danny Denzongpa (Seven Years in Tibet)
Executive Producer: Erin Heidenreich (former Head of Sales, Cinetic Media - projects included Little Miss Sunshine, Napoleon Dynamite)
Producer Team: Raymond Steiner, Ryan Angel, Diana Takata, Don Thompson, Michael Neff
Production Company: netPIx Productions LLC, The Messenger Film LLC

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Message to Shigatse

A BBC journalist works with the Dalai Lama to outwit the Chinese government in the selection of Tibet’s Panchen Lama, all told via a Hitchcock-style suspense drama that echoes films such as Hotel Rwanda and The Killing Fields. Based on Isabel Hilton’s non-fiction book The Search for the Panchen Lama.

Message to ShigatseMessage to Shigatse chronicles how BBC journalist Alison McPherson works secretly with the Dalai Lama to outwit the Chinese government in the selection of Tibet’s 2nd most revered spiritual figure, the Panchen Lama. In this highly suspenseful story, Alison becomes personally involved with the Tibetan “search committee” – led by the heroic Abbot Chadrel Rinpoche – as they put their lives in danger to ensure the Dalai Lama’s plans succeed. Tragically, they are unsuccessful and the six-year old boy selected by the Dalai Lama is imprisoned along with Chadrel Rinpoche and many monks. This situation is especially important because the Panchen Lama is by tradition a key figure in the selection of the Dalai Lama. To this day, the Chinese government has yet to disclose the Panchen Lama’s whereabouts, and have stated they plan to select the next Dalai Lama.

The producers have gathered an incredibly talented team, including four-times Cannes selected director Oliver Schmitz, along with some of the UK’s most popular actors – all well known through international film, the BBC, and British stage. In addition, virtually all Tibetan organizations and the Dalai Lama himself are behind this project, and the producers will tap into the enormous activist and support network of both the Tibetan and human rights/world peace movement when marketing and promoting this film.

Letters of Support: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, International Campaign for Tibet, Tibet Fund, Tibet House, U.S. Tibet Committee, Students for a free Tibet, Richard Gere

Message to Shigatse


Attached and Interested Talent - Message to Shigatse


Oliver Schmitz This South African, award winning director is best known for Je T' Aime. His latest film, Life, Above All is the South African entry for Best Foreign Language Film in the upcoming Academy Awards.


Nathaniel Parker member of cast of Message to ShigatseNathaniel Parker is an extremely versatile British actor. In addition to his theatre, he can be seen in some of the most recognizable British television programs. He is now in theaters in the recently released Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Danny Denzongpa member of cast of Message to ShigatseDanny Denzongpa is one of the most popular Bollywood stars in India. He has starred in over 100 films. His best known work in the U.S. would be in 7 Years in Tibet also starring Brad Pitt.

Andrew Lincoln member of the cast of Message to ShigatseAndrew Lincoln has had a breakout year starring in the critically touted miniseries The Walking Dead. Recent films include Walking in Dagenham, out in theaters now and Love Actually which also starred Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Keira Knightly.