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Wonderful things are happening in the production world! Money is starting to roll in for all the productions. Comic Con was a huge success.  Actors have been attached to all of the films, pitch packets are out on all of the and ready to make some movies!

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Every artistic vision needs a team and I hold myself and the people with whom I work to these standards.

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Integrity of My Word - Deliver a quality product - Give Back - Openness and Creativity - Pursuit of growth and learning - Respect for Everyone

AngelBaby ProductionsEvery artistic vision needs a team and I hold myself and the people with whom I work to these standards.

AngelBaby Produtions is an independent producer of story driven filmed entertainment. We seek out scripts with strong characters who have stories that are entertaining, engaging and highly marketable.

The plan is to produce, market and distribute a consistent slate of profitable, low budget films using LA based talent, crew, and locations.

We will further grow the business by finding and developing merchandizing opportunities presented by each film.

We will succeed by working with like-minded people to deliver great movies that makes money for the talent and for the investors.

200 Hours Message to Shigatse Picture This


Ryan Angel - Founder/CEO Angel Baby Productions

Ryan Angel, Founder CEO Angel Baby Films

Ryan Angel has been in the entertainment industry for twenty plus years. She began as a child actor and continued her studies at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU on an acting scholarship. After four years she graduated Magna Cum Laude with distinction in acting. During her time at NYU and beyond she explored multiple aspects of stage and screen production. She worked extensively while living in NYC in all areas of production. From scenic design, costume design, directing to line producing she studied many different aspects of bringing a script to life.

Having established a presence in LA she has formed AngelBaby Productions, setting a new standard of excellence in filmmaking. She is currently working on producing multiple feature films. “Picture This” a romantic comedy, “Ninja Mom,” a menopausal superhero film, “200 Hours,” a biopic about Peter Tripp, a DJ in the 50’s who's experiences during this 200 hour period gave us the term "trippin' out," and "Message to Shigatse," the true life story of a journalist's undercover workings to help the Dalai Lama choose and announce the next Panchan Lama.

She also has a webisode, a pilot for cable and a supernatural/horror film in the works. Her goal and the goal of her company is to continue to produce high quality filmed entertainment that entertains, delights, inspires and informs. .